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In Registration matter as we are providing various services from time to time through our website www.martwalk. in via Telephone search, SMS or any other source in which may provide services collectively referred to as media you are to share your Personal as well as official details. We ask your Personal Information for the general purpose as: for customization of your seeing content, when you require something so we use it to fulfill your requirements and to approach you related to our service in which SMS & email become other source of connecting you. We don’t disclose your Personal Information to any of the Media unless you stated explicit. We have committed to protect your privacy and all Personal Information confidentially that you may share as a user of Media. We made this policy for your good faith we make you assured about that.

Martwalk will use your personal Information for communicating to you about our services, client analysis, Marketing , Strategies objectives and other internal business purposes only. We will never sell or rent Persona l Information except that in case you are a customer of our search services through any of the Media, your Personal Information shall be shared with our subscribers/advertisers and you shall be deemed to have given consent to the same. Further, the subscribers / advertisers who are listed with us, may call you, based on the query or inquiry that you make with us, inquiring about any Product / Service or Product / Service of any subscriber / advertiser or Product / Service of any particular subscriber / advertiser.

We will have to share your Personal Information only some circumstances if it is required in future: - If you have provided your consent to do so - If we are compelled by law (including court orders) to do so

We authorized you to edit your account details for modification in future requirement, whether you intend us to contact you about latest services. We will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity & protect your privacy details, before giving access.

As you are sharing your Personal Information voluntarily so it is under your acknowledgement. The services we are offering on our website so it is necessary to provide your personal or official information to complete the registration process to connect with us otherwise registration process would be incomplete and/or you would not be able to consume our services. If you have any query related to this subject so contact us via mail.

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Mart walk is commited to get name fame in India and you are the part of this, We will work with best way with you .

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We are “eagerly looking forward” for being part togetherness “really excited,” not an altogether separate descriptor.

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There is a Magical Booking System you may book your Doctor's Meeting and other Appointments before the time as well as book any offer time to time .

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Before going to get service you may compare about Cleaness, Comfort, Staff Rating and Facility by review, There is a best review system.

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Our team is always focused to the clients requirements and conscious to fullfill the requirement as soon as posible.



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The era of liberalization, privatization & globalization We will provide our best to our customers to enable them to successfully meet the challenges of the real world.

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Mart Walk's integrated programme for the benefit of one and all our mission is to serve the society and enhance the income through excellence and leadership.

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Ravi Chauhan

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We think is to leave no stone unturned to elevate the Market to provide high quality and value based Customer Nationwide and Globally.

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